Our Story

Hidden Pearl Café a new business as of February 11th, 2014, was actually started in 2011. Well if you really want to read how it started, then we need to go back to the small town of Oehringen near Stuttgart, Germany. That is where the majority owner was born and raised.That is also where she was introduced to coffee and cafés. European cafés are very differentfrom American ones. Their cafes more closely resemble our coffee shops. While stillin Germany, the owner was introduced to the famous Hagen Kaffee Haus. That is the café thatinspired her to pursue coffee and also was the inspiration for the “feel” of the space. 

When the owner first came to America, she was really taken with the culture and the people. The only thing she had a hard time finding was a European style coffee shop. Actually, shenever did. She did however discover the unique and passionate coffee shops of Chicago.Hidden Pearl is influenced by that as well. 

Fast forward to 2011. While in America for the second time, the first locations for this newshop were scouted. McHenry was the first and only choice. McHenry was chosen for it’spopulation and downtown areas. Most importantly, at that time a local high end coffee shop didnot exist. Many people thought McHenry was a poor choice. But with a little research andsurface scratching it was the right choice for us.

The first property we scouted and were sure we were going to take was on Pearl Street. This waswhere the original name came from. When the Pearl Street location fell through, we almostchanged the name. However, while Barista training in Germany, the owner discovered a specialcoffee bean that is often referred to as the pearl. After that, we knew we were keeping the name.

We had many reasons for settling in on Green Street and we are pleased to share our vision of aEuropean and urban American coffee shop combined.

As we move forward, Hidden Pearl is going to focus on good food and healthy choices. We don’twant to eliminate everyone’s favorites. We just want to find non-GMO, organic and localproducts to offer to our customers. We will continue to work on increasing our gluten free items.Also, we will offer many of the products we use for sale on our shelves. 

-Hidden Pearl Coffee!